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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

1. I’m a huge nerd.

I love Marvel movies, DC T.V. shows, Harry Potter (Slytherin for life) and Disney everything

2. Pastels are my favourite rite type of colour.

I love any type of pastel with pink, purple and blue being my favourite type of the colours.

3. I call everyone ‘Darling’.

This is because I’m terrible with names, I can never remember them so when I forget I call people darling. However, I also call everyone darling in the morning before my coffee because I’m not awake enough and Before my coffee I can’t remember anyone’s name.

4. The only things I drink are water, coffee and any lemon soda

Even though I’m allergic to lemons (and any kind of citrus) I’m obsessed with any lemon flavoured drink (solo, sprite, lemon and ginger kombucha).

5. I’m always in heels

Due to being born without a curve in my spine I have some back problems, which’s pain can be alleviated by me being elevated on my toes, so I feel better in heels.

6.My favourite type of T.V. shows and Movies are those in its own universe

My favourite T.V. shows are those of the Riverdale universe, the D.C universe and historical dramas about the royal family of England (White Princess, White Queen, Reign, Spanish princess, Tudors and the crown)

My favourite movies are those in the Harry Potter universe and the MCU.

7. I don’t watch much T.V.

Even though I have many ‘favourite’ T.V. shows, I don’t actually watch T.V. very often, I instead prefer to read.

8. I’m a planner

Even though I’m always making lists and plans for the future I very seldom follow them and instead I tend to go with the flow, however making a plan makes me feel less anxious even if I don’t follow it.

9. My favourite foods are Vegetables

They are as the following: corn, sweet potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts.

10. I’m a Spiritual person

I was raised in a Christian household, so I do believe in God, however I do have beliefs that come from other religions and I worship in unorthodox ways (but I’ll keep how to myself).

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