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Christmas in Australia

In Australia, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. While it is a special time of the year, the holiday season has a different feel in Australia compared to the rest of the world. The reason is that it’s summer in Australia during Christmas time, unlike in the northern hemisphere where it’s winter. As a result, many of the Christmas traditions in Australia are unique to the country. In this post, we will explore three of these traditions.

Celebrations at the Beach

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in Australia is to celebrate the holiday at the beach. Since it's summer, Australians love to take advantage of the warm weather and head to the beach for a day of fun with family and friends. Many people pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. Some even have a barbecue on the beach. Many beaches in Australia also have Christmas-themed events such as carol singing and beach-side markets.

Christmas Decorations

Even though Australia doesn't have snow or icy winds, it doesn't mean that Australians don't decorate their homes and streets for Christmas. In fact, many houses and streets are decorated with lights and ornaments. Some Australians put up giant inflatable Santas on their roofs. The most iconic decoration in Australia, however, is the Christmas bush. This plant blooms with red and green flowers at Christmas time, and many people use it to decorate their homes.

Christmas Food

Just like in other parts of the world, food is an important part of Christmas in Australia. However, due to the warm weather, many Australians opt for a barbecue instead of a traditional Christmas dinner. The barbecue usually includes seafood such as prawns, lobsters, and oysters, as well as other meats such as lamb and beef. Australians also love to have a pavlova for dessert. It's a meringue cake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

In conclusion, Christmas in Australia is a unique experience with its own set of traditions. From celebrating at the beach to decorating with Christmas bushes, Australians have found ways to make the holiday their own. While some traditions are similar to other parts of the world, such as the emphasis on food, Australians have found ways to embrace their warm and sunny holiday season.

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