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Christmas Wishlist

Girly Gift Guide


You haven't experienced how smooth your skin can be until you use a washing brush.

Your skincare regimen is going to get a lot more DREAMY!

This Cloud Cleansing brush has it all, including functionalities that your skin will appreciate for a more thorough cleansing.

My Glow 2 Original Glove™️

The My Glow 2 glove is made entirely of silk and was created using a centuries-old technology.

The silks' distinctive weave exfoliates the body thoroughly, easily sweeping away dead skin and pollutants.


Who can you trust with your skin if you can't trust Rihanna?

Rihanna's initial skincare routine is as follows: This three-step system has been clinically demonstrated to function better together. Skin will be brightened, pores and dark spots will be targeted, and skin will be hydrated and protected.

Penhaligons ‘The Favourite"

For this lady, waiting isn't an option. Her golden mimosa sways society's view, and she knows exactly what goes on behind Palace doors. As she emerges on a sandalwood stage, her majestic scent of iris and musk greets her with a sweet smile.


A must-have for the lady or gentleman with errands to go and little time to spare. A vibrant pink 5ml portable atomiser that matches the walls of one's favourite hotel bar.

BaByliss Curl Secret Rose Gold Gift Set

BaByliss has been leading the hair game for more than 50 years and is here to make light work of your mane. It's never been easier to create various styles in half the time with tools tailored for all hair types.

Little Book Of Tarot

Perfect for beginners and inexperienced people, this book contains unusual and interesting uses of the card, including magical and spiritual uses.

All the introductions you need to know to make your life better with Tarot.

Flawless, My Dear

How To Be More Bridgerton (a Parody)

For Netflix sensation fans, there is a self-help book that an ambitious Viscountess must have. Grobner Square, sometime after 1813

Dearest reader,

The social season is upon us! And whether you marriage-minded misses shall be considered a diamond or a doorstop shall soon be determined.

But panic not, dear ladies, for you shall find all the advice you so desperately need within these pages. Receive instruction on how to perfect the feigned swoon; the optimal height your breasts can be squashed to; just how many feathers in your headdress is too many; and why you should never enter a maze at night unaccompanied (unless you’re sure to be compromised by a sexy Duke and forced into marrying him).

In short, you shall learn how to be more Bridgerton.

Yours truly,

Duchess Wibberfluffle


Elaborately illustrated silk scarves, elegant embossed leather bags, statement piece bracelets ... Visit Meganjes's collection of bags and accessories. Wearable art of all styles.

Megan Hess PRINTS

One of Megan's favorite creative ways is to design and draw illustrations for new, exciting and engaging print collections. Each print is signed and edited by Megan and is only available from MEGANHESS.COM.

Megan Hess BOOKS

Megan Hess wrote and illustrated 16 best-selling books on a variety of topics ... complicating the world of Coco Chanel, an insider's guide to New York City, a chic little mouse that finds its way in Paris. You can get a glimpse!

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