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Day at the Tennis

Yesterday my cousin took both my sister and myself to the tennis for the first time and the thing that I really struggled with is what to wear, now there are lots of articles out there on the internet about what to wear but there all for corporate setting and not for the everyday person, so I'm going to tell you what I wore and things I wished I wore/ brought with me.

I wore a pink and green floral print dress that ends just above my knees from Valleygirl, a pair of ballet flats and kept my hair up at the back with a green bow. the only thing bad about the dress was it had straps instead of sleeves, so even with sunscreen (which I didn't put enough of on) I got sunburnt on my shoulders, first ever time getting sun burnt. I also brought a big enough bag that a could keep a cardigan in, which I draped over my shoulders when they really started to burn. I wish I brought a hat ,but at the time the only hats I could find were baseball caps, as it would have really helped with keeping the sun out of my eyes, I also wish I had thought to bring a fan with me, we were lucky enough to find an ANZ booth that were giving them away however when my sisters broke we ended up sharing and it just wasn't enough to keep both of us cool, plus my fan is a pink hand fan ant that would have gone better with my outfit then the dark blue electric fan we were given.

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