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How I Prepare for Exams

It’s coming up to my end of year exams, for my last year of school, so I’ve decided to share with you how I prepare for any test.

1. Write Cue cards

When writing out cue cards I summarise them to the bare minimum to ensure that I know even just the basics of everything

2. Re-Read

After I have written out the cue cards I read and re-read them until I’m sick of the information about the subject

3. Distract

Once I’ve read the cue cards until I’m sick of them, I distract myself from all work. I’ll read a book or watch a T.V. show/movie until I’m not thinking about the content anymore, this not only gives my brain a break but it also leads me into my next step, which is:

4. Remember

When I’m no longer thinking and obsessing over the content I’ll try and once again remember it without looking at the cue cards. If I do remember it then I don’t need to study it any more but if I don’t that means I need to revise.

5. Review & Repeat

Then I’ll revise any of the content I didn’t remember, repeating the steps until I can remember the content without needing to review it again.

There you have it, my 5-step guide to studying in for exams, it’s short, sweet and to the point, ensuring you don’t have to remember anything more than necessary.

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