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How to be Happy

Step 1: Count your Blessings

Try to take some time out of your day, or even once a week, to think about things that are going right in your life, whether they be big or small. If you want to take it a step further try not to use the same blessing over and over again, it can be very easy to be thankful for the same one thing, e.g. your dog, however the purpose of this exercise is to find lots of little things to be grateful for, so try to think of as many as you can.

Step 2: Movement is Key

Any type of movement, even if it’s just taking a walk outside, will realises endorphins that's job is to make us happy. It doesn't matter what kind of movement you do, if you can get moving on a daily basis it will get you out of your thinking mode and bring you back into the present moment, even if it just having a 20 minute dance party by yourself in your room, you will feel better.

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Step 3: Surround yourself with Light (Happiness)

This step may seem redundant, but when I say this, I don't just mean the people you surround yourself with but also the atmosphere where you spend the majority of your time. While it isn't other people’s responsibility for you to be happy, whatever you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of yourself as a person, and if the people and things you surround yourself with things that make you feel drained and unmotivated instead of happy and optimistic, then you need to change that so you feel good about yourself. You don't need to cut people out of your life completely, however you might just need to find more likeminded people like yourself that give you positive feelings.

Step 4: Back to the Basics

At our core, humans are mammals, meaning that we as humans aren't meant to be caged up in some kind of concreate jungle, but outside in the sun and in nature with the fresh air. we are meant to drink healthy foods and drink lots of water, and while soda, coffee and takeout can bring you a certain level of happiness and you don't need to cut those things out of your life completely, however these thing can only bring us temporary happiness and the way we treat you bodies is a big part of how happy we are because the better your body feels the happier your mind feels.

Step 5: Fall in Love with Yourself

This may be another redundant tip, but to be happy you need to find something about yourself that you love. And no this isn't in the sense of ‘Oh, you should love all your flaws ‘because that isn't realistic, however loving yourself sometimes means that you need to change some flaws or admitting you made a mistake. Loving yourself is staying true to yourself, no matter what, even though in this day and age it seems like everyone is trying to tell us who we should be. We already know who we are, but with everyone screaming different things at us what they believe we should be that we start to doubt ourselves, and we shouldn't. Live as your authentic self and follow your gut.

These are just the ‘Bare Bones’ steps to happiness however I hope you find that this helps you to be happier.

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