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My Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch in 2018

Adding to the already huge selection of Christmas movies that are around, 2018 has given us plenty of new movies to choose from.

This is my list of much watch movies for this year, with a combination of both new, old and classic.

1. Elf

This is a true classic Christmas movie that I think I can safely say everyone has watched at least once and should definitely watch again.

2. The Santa Claus Series

This is one of the movies that I watch every year no matter if it’s around the Christmas season or not.

3. Home Alone Series

One of the great things about the home alone series is that it allows you to binge watch and have a movie marathon.

4. The Princess Switch

This is one of the new movies for 2018, it’s on Netflix and let me tell you that it’s a movie to watch for this year, that is if you like me live for the Hallmark style movies.

5. The grinch (2000 or 2018)

Another one of those movies that everyone has seen the original and most people are going to watch the remake, so add this to your list for your Christmas movie marathon

6. The Christmas Chronicles

Another 2018 Christmas movie, it’s hilarious with Santa and his elf’s being comedic relief, would recommend watching at least once this Christmas season.

7. The Christmas Carol

One of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time (other than the grinch) and if you haven’t watch it what are you doing with your life.

8. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

While it doesn’t follow the traditional storyline of the ballet it is a good movie and the adaptation is a must watch this year.

9. The Pola Express

I can’t remember a Christmas Eve that I didn’t watch the polar express, it’s a definite must watch especially if you have children.

10. Santa Buddies

This is also a must watch if you have kids or are a child at heart, I don’t go a year without watching the Buddies movies at least once and the Christmas movie is definitely my favorited

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